Here are facts that every RCI Member should know about depositing.

1. What is a deposit?

As an RCI Member you have the option to deposit your holiday week with RCI to exchange for another week similar to yours. Upon deposit, your week is assigned a Deposit Trading Power, which you can use to determine which exchange holidays are available to you. Many factors influence Deposit Trading Power but the only one you can control is the timing of your deposit. Depending on when your deposit is made you can exchange for a holiday beginning 1 year before the start date of your week through 2 years after the start date, that's a 3 year travel window!

2. So, WHEN do I deposit?

The RCI Rule of Thumb is to deposit your week 2 years to 9 months in advance of the start date of your ownership week to receive 100% of your available Deposit Trading Power to use for exchange. However, when you can deposit may vary based on when your resort makes your week available to you and when you pay your maintenance fees. 
Q: But my week changes every year... how do I know when it is time to deposit?
A: Good question! We recommend that you establish a routine. Plan to call your resort at the same time every year to request your unit assignment and pay your maintenance fees. Remember, you cannot deposit your week with RCI until you have paid your maintenance fees to your home resort. 
Q: But my resort hasn’t sent me my maintenance fee bill yet… how can I deposit early?
A: Call your resort and ask if you can pay it early. Many of our members who have found tremendous success with exchanging have set a routine, and just proactively call the resort at the same time to pay their fee and get their unit assignment.

3. OK, I know the rules, but HOW do I deposit?

After paying your maintenance fees, log onto to find out if you can deposit directly with RCI. Just click the "Manage Your Deposits" tab. Your current Deposit Trading Power will be listed to the right of your week information. We’ll walk you through the process.

If you already know you have to deposit through your resort, just plan to do it at the same time you pay your maintenance fees. Not only is it one less phone call, but it will also help to make the exchange process run more smoothly. You can also determine what your Deposit Trading Power will be by using our Deposit Calculator.


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Additional Inside Tips

Deposit rules can vary by resort. As an RCI Member, it is important that you’re aware of your resort’s deposit rules. Feel free to call an RCI Guide or your resort to ask any questions about your personalised deposit process. We’ll be happy to help you customise your annual deposit routine! 

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