The new Holiday Planning Tools available at provide you with more flexibility when planning a holiday. These new tools enable you to see your Deposit Trading Power before depositing, access the historical Exchange Trading Power of desired exchanges before exchanging and, upon depositing, customise a holiday search based upon your holiday preferences.

How Can I Identify My Deposit Trading Power Before Actually Depositing?

The Deposit Calculator enables you to see the trading power of your deposit based on the deposit date. The calculator shows the maximum trading power available for a deposit, and the impact that timing of the deposit has on its trading power.  As long as you know your unit and week assignment, you will be able to determine what your trading power will be at the time you deposit.

How Does the Deposit Calculator Work?

The Deposit Calculator is a simple way to determine the trading power of your deposit. Just follow these easy steps to get started:

Log-in to your account on

Go to the “Manage Your Deposits” screen and click on the Deposit Calculator link

Enter the start date and unit configuration of your holiday week and click “continue”

The Deposit Calculator calculates the trading power of your deposit and shows you what it will be if you deposit now. It also shows you what your trading power will be if you deposit at a later date, through the adjustment schedule. Remember, deposit 2 years to 9 months in advance of your week’s start date to get 100% of your available Deposit Trading Power to use when exchanging. After that, your deposit’s trading power will begin to decrease.


How Can I Determine the Historical Exchange Trading Power of the Exchange Holiday I Want?

With the new Exchange Planner you will be able to see the trading power that has historically been needed to exchange into a given region. Simply log-in to and click on Exchange Planner. You can then type in the area and time period, and the Exchange Planner will show you the historic trading power that has been required for your particular search.

You will also be able to select a timeframe and see the current number of available units for a specific date/region.

Can I See Holiday Options and Book Using the Exchange Planner?

No. The Exchange Planner is intended to help you determine the trading power needed to exchange into a certain region at various times of the year.  It will help you understand your options and use your deposit’s trading power in the way that suits you best. When you are ready to search and book* your Exchange Holiday you will still have access to the great search tools available on

  • Advanced Search: Allows you to narrow down available holiday options with ease. You can select all desired criteria at one time and see only available units which match your search criteria.

  • Favorites Search: Enables you to save your desired search criteria for holidays you search for often. You can then come back and search with the just the click of a button.

  • Ongoing Search: If a desired exchange holiday is not immediately available, you can open an Ongoing Search by paying an exchange fee and save time by letting RCI continue searching for you, 24/7, notifying you once a resort match is found. An Ongoing Search also provides prioritized access to newly deposited weeks in the system and can even be set to automatically confirm a resort match once it is found, making the booking process even easier!

And remember, booking online saves you £10 off the call centre exchange fee!

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Advert – The services set out in the advert are not provided by RCI

Additional Inside Tips

If you haven’t done so already register for an account on It’s simple, free and gives you access to the new holiday planning tools as well as other great holiday search tools and benefits designed to make your holiday planning experience fun and easy. And remember when you book your exchange on you’ll save £10 off the call centre exchange fee.

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